Setup and Execution

Total Quality Management(TQM) has been our buzzword & with reference to our commitment to this goal, The Stylz Wear has a fine set of architects to achieve the ends with perfection.

With vertical office and production set-up each and every team will communicate well and execute an order in well effective way with good team effort.

Inhoused quality controllers monitor the productions from receipt of fabrics until packing with all the in betweens inspections and quality checks.

Professional team consisting of Merchandisers & Quality controllers working in tandem with the vendors to ensure the quality at each process.

Laboratory Evaluation

Before starting of bulk process regular testings will be conducted in our inhoused laboratory to ensure the quality level. The most scientific & sophisticated methods are adopted to ensure the quality parameters to the customer's specifications.

Organizing Perfect Samples

The samples are made to our clients specification & their innovative creation based on fashion trend in the global market.

Effective costing and Price negotation

Understanding Buyer's market, we rule the price with the vendors to make competitive price.

Order follow-up

Right from laboratory evaluation of refernce & Counter samples, Initial production, Mid production, Performance testing of production, Prefinal inspection and Final inspection to the international standard (AQL) as specified by the customer.

Product Action Calendar we keep our clients updating the production status weekly in order to identify production and shipment problems.

Logistics and shipment follow up: Ensuring correct shipping documents and prioir approval from you before & post shipment, assures our clients to have a trouble free delivery at the end.

Market Information : Keeping our clients updated with regard to fashion trend, product, competitor activities etc., prevaling in the market.