Constant commitment to high quality standards and innovation has been the secret of success ever since the company was founded. Spinning units ensure the supply of consistent quality yarn to manufacture the garments.

Our Spinning units leads the quality of yarn in the market. Ultimately, the crunch lies in the infusion of hi-tech, state-of-the-art machinery that aids in the production of high quality 100% combed and semi combed yarn, in counts the range from NE20s to 120s in single and doubles.
The knitting mirrors professionalism thorough advanced knitting facility and presents variegated dimensions. The latest imported machines from reputed International brands that can knit various finishes like in any pattern or structure.

Fabric Range : Jersy, Interlock, Rib, Airtex, Honey Comb, Lycra Jersey, Fleece and Mini Jacquards.

Our Inhoused dyeing factory MERCURY PROCESS operates on world's best Soft-flow technology with OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE. The fabric takes a dip and douse in this dyeing unit travelling into color and temperature controlled dying.

Qualified chemists take care of the color accuracy at our modern computerized laboratory. The chemical waters from our dyeing plant are highly treated through ETP (effluent treatment plant) with Reverse Osmosis plant and multiple evaporators with Zero Dis-charge Certification.
Modernised Laboratory
Soft flow(Fongs)
Squeezer (Santex)
Effluent Treatment Plant
Reverse Osmosis
The Printing division provides value added processing. Azo-free dyes and chemicals are utilized for printing. We have 2 Automatic printing machines which have the facility to print upto 12 colors with perfect registration, hand feel and quality.
We had installed the latest technology textile-based Sublimation printing machines (2 nos), where the inks used are eco-friendly and highest standard quality which helps in getting the perfect clarity over prints.
The Auto med embroidery machines elegantly handle any design with own Punching, Designing and Applique cutting. We set new trends with its unique and delicate designs, thus emerging as one of the laudable fore-runner in this segment.
We have 2 production factories with the total of 240 machines to cover all the production process and with SEDEX approval. Our production capacity is 8000 pcs / day.
Fabric Department